Case Studies

Our 30+ years of business experience haven't gone by without plenty of success stories to tell. The individual case studies here each break down a different problem that we've solved for our clients and give some added insight into our unique, results-based consulting approach. 

Network Optimization

The management of a $1+billion community bank serving a ten-county region, wanted to understand the current and future value their branch network. Could branch network market growth and bank position be sustained in an intensely competitive environment?

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Channel Profiling/Channel Use

The management of a regional bank was alarmed at declining branch activity and did not understand customer’s channel adaptation of non-branch channels, the value customers placed on each channel and the cost of a conventional delivery network in a rapidly changing user base.

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Branch Transformation (Network Level)

For a community bank that operates over 30 branches across a seven county region, branch performance, market position, potential and growth projections varied considerably.  Branches served retail, business and wealth customers.  

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Branch Transformation (Branch Level)

A regional bank in a large metro area was interested in redesigning their “conventional” branch in an economically healthy, dense retail and business market.  The branch served retail, business, wealth and professional (legal) market segments.

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Sales Growth

The management of a regional bank was seeking a new market-based approach to sales and growth objectives and goals. Past goals had been based on top-down, bank-wide goals applied to branches or product groups; expected annual increases from previous years’ performance or an arbitrary objective agreed upon by a group of senior level management.

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Market Sizing/Bank Positioning

The management of a regional bank requested a detailed market analysis of economic, retail banking and business banking markets for a diverse five-county area.  The bank’s management also desired a quantified understanding of the bank’s market position and comparative, competitive growth measures for branches, consumer and business markets, products and sub-markets.

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Business Planning

A 15-year-old company, selling retail and home bar products through stores and on-line channels was experiencing a decrease in sales. The company had an abundance of customer purchase data that was under-utilized. The company sells nationwide but did not have precise profiles of customers, understanding of the geographic location of customers nor generational structure of customers.  

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School Planning

A large metro area diocese operated 52 elementary schools in an eight county market. Schools were located in inner city, urban, suburban and rural sub-markets. The Bishop’s office and advisors recognized that declining population, marriage and birth rates, and declining parish congregations have had a negative impact on enrollment.

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School Enrollment

A private, catholic primary and secondary school executive team, recognizing changing demographics and reduction in traditional feeder families and areas, sought a quantitative analysis of the market (a four county metro area), the school’s enrollment area (current and historical), profiling of current and recent enrolled students and families and five-year enrollment projections.

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