At the Verdi Planning Company we’re in the business of helping other businesses grow, either through the identification of new opportunities or the rationalization/optimization of current activities.  We do that by tapping into the profound power of information.

Most organizations either don’t have enough information about their customers and markets or haven’t discovered the real power of the information they do have.  In either case, we can help. 

While there are certainly other organizations that do what we do, what sets us apart is HOW we do it.  

Using our proprietary planning model, we’ll dig deeper, tap into “atypical” resources and look at information/data differently, yielding insights that are truly valuable, and perhaps most importantly actionable for your business – presenting you with a clear path to achieving your objectives.  

While our heritage is in banking and finance, our solutions have been successfully applied across a variety of industries.  Quite frankly, if you’re selling pretty much anything to pretty much anyone, we can help you sell more of it!

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Developing Strategies for Business Growth.

You know where you want to take your business, but what’s the best route to follow?  Or perhaps you know the way, and you’re simply not moving toward your destination as quickly as you’d planned. The good news is that you’ve just taken the right step. The Verdi Planning Company has been helping businesses like yours successfully chart the path to growth for more than 30 years.  We’re fact-based and data-driven, but what separates us from our peers is how we get to and look at the facts and the data.  And we do it with a singular focus…getting your business to where you want to be.  

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Understanding your customers and markets. Who they are. Where they are. How they behave.

Key to growing your business is a keen understanding of your current and prospective customers.  Certainly demographic and geographic information will paint a picture of your customer base and help to inform the development and evolution of your product and service offerings. But equally important are their attitudes, preferences and ultimately behavior. How do they interact/transact with your brand today?  How is their behavior trending? What are the environmental factors driving customer preference and purchase decisions? We’ll get under the hood on these and many more relevant dimensions, so you’ll know where the growth opportunities exist and how best to align your organization’s resources to pursue them.

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Optimizing the delivery of your products and services. The right place(s). The right time.

How do you bring your products and services to the market today? What are your customer sale and transactional touchpoints? Virtual? Physical?  How well are these channels aligned with evolving customer preferences and behavior? Do you need “storefronts?” If so, how many? Where should they be located?  How should they be designed and staffed?  We’ll help answer these critical questions, positioning you to optimize your organization’s substantial investment in your delivery channels - be they online, “bricks and mortar” or a combination of both.

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Providing Other Insights – Custom Research.

Sometimes the information/data needed to make a truly informed decision simply isn’t available.  If that’s the case, the Verdi Planning Company will go out and get it. We routinely develop and initiate primary research studies to get to the information we’re looking for. Because we’ve done so much of that, many of these “custom” studies have now become very cost-effective turnkey solutions. Some examples:

> Brand awareness & perceptions

> Channel usage/preferences

> Customer satisfaction

> Customer needs and sales lead generation

> Understanding new customers

> Institutional trust client satisfaction

> Retirement readiness


We start with a clear understanding of your objectives. 

Then, drawing upon our proprietary planning model – proven in hundreds of engagements – we work with your team to develop a customized strategic roadmap, supported by detailed financial expectations.

Once the plan is approved, our team will work with yours to guide implementation.

In addition, we provide turnkey data and research tools that you can use to accelerate progress and monitor customer feedback.

Verdi Planning Model

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